Adventure along the Old Mill Drift 4x4

Old Mill Drift 4x4 is an amazing drive in the Free State, South Africa, with a length of 28.6km. The trail requires a 4WD vehicle with low range and good ground clearance.

Old Mill Drift 4x4

The unpaved road is a bit rocky and climbs up to 2.183m above the sea level. It links Fouriesburg and Clarens in the Free State. The road is rough, slow and tough, with very steep sections (1:4).
The elevation gain of the trail is 531m. The track may be closed from time to time, and so, making advance enquiries is advised. Old Mill Drift 4x4 has some washouts and it’s really narrow. It's a single lane track and passing two vehicles could prove impossible, needing someone to reverse in not to comfortable space.
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