Matroosberg Peak: courage is required to drive to the summit

Matroosberg is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.249m (7,378ft) above the sea level, located in Western Cape (South Africa).

Matroosberg Peak

The unpaved road to the summit is called Matroosberg 4x4 trail. It's 8,7 km long with rocky, stones, sand and gravel parts. The first bit is quite easy over some loose rocks and a few inclines, but soon rockier and steeper climbs loom ahead. The route takes you right to the snow, and after a good snowfall, the southern slopes remain snow-clad for quite some time. The presence of snow turns a 4x4 drive during winter into a unique experience and challenge. During winter the Matroosberg 4x4 Trail takes you over snow-covered slopes. This is a fantastic experience but more difficult than your summer drive. During the snow months there is a entry cut-off time so everyone makes it back during the daylight. This is a year-round destination, but opt for winter if you want a sure snow experience and after some rain if you want to play in the mud pit.
Pic: George Saaiman