Exploring Namibia's Dream Road: The D707 Journey Through Namtib Desert

Tucked away in the southern reaches of Namibia, the D707 weaves its path through the enchanting landscapes of the Namtib Desert. This gravel and sandy track, often hailed as one of the most picturesque routes in the country, is a canvas painted with diverse terrains and captivating vistas.


What Makes D707 a Must-Visit in Namibia?

Stretching for 123 km (76 miles) from Spes Bona on the C27 road to its endpoint at the C13 road near Aus, this mesmerizing route earned its nickname ‘Dream Road’ for good reason. As you traverse its length, the shifting sands and hues of the Namib invite you to experience a symphony of colors and textures. The D707 isn't just a road; it's an adventure tailor-made for those eager to embrace the raw beauty of Namibia.

Challenges of the Dream Road

The D707, with its untouched and wild character, promises an authentic off-road experience. Navigating through the soft, deep sands, you'll encounter sections with corrugated surfaces, unexpected potholes, and scattered stones. While the road is largely straight, occasional curves surprise travelers. Given its rugged nature, a robust 4x4 vehicle is not just recommended but essential to truly savor this journey.
Pic: Tobias Hankemeier