Road C28

C28 is a highway of central Namibia with a length of 310km, linking Windhoek to the coast. It’s said to be one of the less traveled roads in the world: less than 10 cars use it every day. The road climbs up the Bosua Pass.

The road starts in Windhoek, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Namibia. It is located in central Namibia. It begins as a tarred road but turns to gravel after about 50 km. There are big dips, turns, sand pools, and sometimes smooth points.
The surface of the road is gravel. There are some very steep sections as you drive over the mountain and as such you should not try to do it with a car that does not have decent tires and brakes.The road climbs up the Bosua Pass, at an elevation of 1,728m above the sea level.
On Bosua pass, the road has a 1:5 descent down to the gravel plains of the Namib and is not suitable for trailers or caravans.  The C28, is very beautiful and, around halfway along, you drive (slowly!) through the steep gradients (20%) of the Bosua Pass – where the central Namibian Highlands start to give way to granite kopjes of rounded boulders before the low, flat Namib. The road is very dry and rough. It ends in Swakopmund, a city on the coast of western Namibia, capital of the Erongo administrative district. 
Pic: Jo-Ann de Smit