C27 Road

C27 is a gravel road through the Namib Desert

C27 is the name of a scenic drive across the Namib Desert, located in the boundary of Hardap and ǁKaras regions of Namibia.

Is C27 in Namibia paved?

Tucked away in the southwestern part of the country, within the Namib Rand Nature Reserve, the road is totally unpaved. The bumpy road is recommended to 4x4 vehicles. Allow 4 hours to complete the drive without stops. The drive offers stunning views of the sand dunes of the Namib Desert, better known as the Sossusvlei, where you’ll experience the vast emptiness of this country.

How long is C27 road in Namibia?

The road is 236 km (146 miles) long, running from Sesriem (in the Hardap Region close to the southern end of the Naukluft Mountains) to Helmeringhausen (in the ǁKaras Region of the Berseba Constituency). It runs parallel to the C14. This is a very corrugated and sandy road, but easy to drive. The road is steep in parts and tops out at 1.717m (5,633ft) above the sea level. Tire pressure management is essential for safety, comfort and to avoid flat tires.
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