The Ultimate Guide to Traveling the D3703 road

Located in the Kunene Region in northwestern Namibia, D3703 is the name of a very challenging 4x4 road. It’s one of the highest roads of the country.

D3703 road

The D3703 road is totally unpaved. It’s 195 km (121 miles) long, running from Okanguati, a settlement in the Epupa Constituency to Opuwo, the capital of the Kunene Region. The road leads to Van Zyls Pass from Okangwati. It’s a classic extreme road rarely travelled by visitors to Namibia.

The road tops out at 1.488m (4,881ft) above the sea level. The rugged track is very rough, rocky driving, not be attempted without prior 4×4 experience. If you have some experience in off road driving and not much fear, you'll do it without problems. This is a spectacular area with a myriad of fascinating plants.
Pic&video: Barbara Muszynski