How to drive Estrada Nacional 13 in Mozambique?

Located in the northern part of Mozambique, Estrada Nacional 13 (EN13) is a very challenging drive.

Estrada Nacional 13 (EN13)

Is Estrada Nacional 13 fully paved?

Often known as the Nacala Corridor, the road was initially designated as EN8, and it was renamed N13 around 2010. In 2021, the entire route was fully paved.

How long is Estrada Nacional 13?

The road is 689 km (428 miles) long and connects Nampula (in Nampula Province) and Lichinga, (the capital of Niassa Province). For adventurous travelers, a rough dirt track continues beyond Lichinga to the Tanzanian border.

How long does it take to drive Estrada Nacional 13?

As Mozambique's second-longest national highway, plan about 10-12 hours to complete the drive due to the road conditions and heavy traffic flow, supporting both passenger and cargo transport.
Pic: [,_Mozambique_-_Mapillary_(463zyswJwInBmpvccAm3gw).jpg Wikimedia Commons, markanjos @, CC-SA-4.0] {{Foto Mozambique}}