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Estrada Nacional 8 (EN8)

Estrada Nacional 8 (EN8) is a long road in Mozambique, with a total length of 707km, linking the cities of Nacala-Porto and Chiponde. The road, a dirt track for hundreds of kilometers, includes asphalt and gravel sections.

Estrada Nacional nº 8 starts in Nacala (also known as Cidade de Nacala or Nacala-Porto), on the northern coast of Mozambique and the deepest natural port on the east coast of Africa. After arriving to Nampula, the capital city of Nampula Province, EN8 becomes a dirt road and only the bridges has tar. The road ends in Chiponde, near Cuamba, a city and district of Niassa Province in Mozambique, lying north west of Mount Namuli.
Pic: http://www.yourplaceabroad.com/mozambique/nampula/napapata/


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