Discovering Estrada Nacional 13: Mozambique's Remarkable Road

Embarking on Estrada Nacional 13 (EN13) presents a thrilling challenge that sprawls across northern Mozambique.

Estrada Nacional 13 (EN13)

Is Estrada Nacional 13 fully paved?

Often referred to as the Nacala Corridor, EN13 holds the reputation as the pivotal east-west lifeline of northern Mozambique. Initially recognized as EN8, its designation shifted to N13 around 2010. A significant milestone was achieved in 2021 when the entire stretch was paved.

How long is Estrada Nacional 13?

Spanning an impressive 689 km (428 miles), the road stretches from the bustling Nampula, the heart of Nampula Province, all the way to Lichinga, the vibrant capital of Niassa Province. As a bonus for those keen to venture beyond, a rugged dirt path extends from its terminus, leading travelers right up to the Tanzanian border.

How Long does it take to drive Estrada Nacional 13?

Claiming its spot as the second-longest national highway in Mozambique, traversing EN13 is no small feat. Given its road conditions and the bustling vehicular flow, dedicated to both passenger transit and cargo, a straight drive without halts averages between 10 to 12 hours for most travelers.
Pic: [,_Mozambique_-_Mapillary_(463zyswJwInBmpvccAm3gw).jpg Wikimedia Commons, markanjos @, CC-SA-4.0] {{Foto Mozambique}}