Things You Must Know About Morocco

In the Arab world, Morocco has many stories to tell. This ancient country is a great place to explore and if you are a history enthusiast, you might like this place more when you come in contact with the air of this place.

Things You Must Know About Morocco

The First Nation to Sign a Treaty with the USA

It was in 1786 when Morocco, as a nation, first signed a treaty with the USA. It has been said that relations between Morocco and USA are the most diplomatic one. It was the first country to have this kind of a diplomatic relationship; with this pact of understanding and positive it has been very easy for all Americans to visit Morocco without any disturbance and the Moroccan people humbly accept them as their guests.

The Film Casablanca

This film ‘Casablanca’ was named after the city of Casablanca and had won the Academy Award for the best motion picture. The plot of the film revolves around wartime with a hint of romantic drama. This is a very popular film in Hollywood. The city of Casablanca was chosen because the role played by this city in WWII. This film has brought to this city and the country immense popularity which in turn is a huge advantage for the tourism industry.

Writing History Since the 14th Century

It is said that the Moroccans have been writing about world history since the 14th century. Rihla or the ‘Journey’, which was written by Ibn Batuta is actually the memory of the journey that he took for over 30 years covering 5000 miles. This travelogue is one of the most interesting things you will come to know about Morocco. It is also called the pioneer of Moroccan literature. Today this great travelogue is a very important and valuable piece of literature among all the Arab countries.

Diversity of scenery

In addition to the towns, Morocco offers beaches, mountains and desert. Few African countries can compete with this variety. The main beach resorts are Agadir, Essaouira and Tangier. The main mountain areas are the High Atlas (to the West), the Middle Atlas and, in the area around Agadir, the Anti-Atlas. The mountain ranges form a natural barrier giving rise to the desert regions in the south. The highest peak is Jbel Toubkal (4167 m) which is due south of Marrakech. In the winter the high peaks are covered in snow and it is even possible to ski here. For the remainder of the season the mountain areas attract hikers and trekkers. Those interested in Marrakech desert tours should travel south through the mountains to Ouarzazate, which is generally regarded as the gateway to the Sahara. The N9 continues south west through the Draa Valley to Zagora which is a base for desert excursions. An alternative is to head for the Western Sahara by following the coastal road south east from Agadir, but this is less popular partly because the Western Sahara remains a disputed territory.

Atlas Film Studio, the Hollywood of Morocco

After the great success of Casablanca and many other movies in Hollywood, Moroccans came to be a great force in creation of films and entertainment. So they created the largest studio in the world that is more than 322000 square feet in area. The Atlas Studio has shot some of the greatest films in the history of Hollywood, such as The Gladiator, Star Wars, Body of Lies to name a few. This is one of the greatest places to visit in Morocco. You will get to see lots of filming and shooting here in this studio and they actually allow tourists to visit the sets as well. One never knows when one will come to meet their favorite star here.
Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries with beautiful people. This country has a great destination for tourists from all over the world. The beautiful environment, the humble native people and their way of hospitality all are very charming to the tourist. It is a great country to visit and tells many unknown stories of history.