Driving to Peñon Velez de la Gomera

Located in the west of the Mediterranean Sea, Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera is a Spanish rock connected to the Moroccan shore. It is one of seven Spanish enclaves on the northern coast of Morocco, which claims sovereignty over all of them.

Peñon Velez de la Gomera

The road to the rock is difficult. It’s a dirt road that climbs on the side of the mountain. Starting from the town of Torres-de-Alcala, the road is 5.9 km long. It can be a reasonably easy drive in favourable dry conditions, but also has the potential to be a very difficult muddy and slippery track -and at times impassable- after wet weather. The road can be pretty scary. The Spanish islets off the coast of Morocco are off limits to civilians. Administered by the Spanish central government the rock has a population consisting only of a small number of Spanish military personnel.
The road is very bumpy and not meant for average cars. The road is beautiful but dangerous. It’s some what like an amusement ride. A 4WD vehicle and an experienced driver are required. The journey offers an exhilarating driving experience, with superb views. An incredible journey, an unforgettable experience. The road effectively stops and you are at a viewpoint that overlooks the Peñon Velez de la Gomera. The sight is absolutely stunning.
Pic: Haddad Mohamed