Dare to drive the dangerous Assif Melloul Piste

Gorges de l'Assif Melloul is a gorge of the Assif Melloul ‘the white river’ in Azilal Province, Béni Mellal-Khénifra, in central Morocco. Only the suicidal, the insane, or the paid-to-do-this should ever drive down. One mistake and it's a free fall to your death.

Gorges de l'Assif Melloul

Nestled in the Atlas Mountain range, the road through the gorges is totally unpaved. It’s called RP3104 (Assif Melloul Piste). Starting from the paved R302 Road, it is 15km long. 4x4 vehicles only.

The track is often washed out. Words can’t describe the road and pictures don’t do it justice. The road runs northeast from Imi n'Wareg towards Anergui. It still remains an adrenaline-pumping journey and is definitely not for the faint of lungs, heart, or legs. High risk of landslides and mudslides. The road tops out at 1.285m (4,216 ft) above the sea level.
Road suggested by: Hugh Wilson
Pic&Video: Motomarrakech