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Highest roads of Morocco

Located in the Maghreb region of North Africa, Morocco is about one-tenth larger than California. The country borders the North Atlantic Ocean to the west and the west Mediterranean Sea to the north. The most important mountain range of the country is the Atlas Mountains, which consists of three ranges, the High Atlas mountains, Middle Atlas mountains and Anti Atlas mountains.

Highest mountain roads of Morocco:

Mountain roadElevationRegionSurface
Jbel Ayachi3.727m (12,227ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Tirecht3.677m (12,063ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n'Takchtant3.325m (10,908ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Jbel Tagdalt3.246m (10,649ft)Marrakesh-SafiGravel
Tizi Ou Adil3.223m (10,574ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Jebel Tattiouine3.211m (10,534ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi Tigdane3.006m (9,862ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi el Fougani2.999m (9,839ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Termant2.960m (9,711ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n'Ouadi2.934m (9,625ft)Marrakesh-SafiGravel
Tizi n’Tamazrt2.918m (9,573ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Ait Imi2.914m (9,560ft)Tadla-AzilalGravel
Tizi n'Ouano2.910m (9,547ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Izdaden2.832m (9,291ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Tadermant2.799m (9,183ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Bou Oudi2.794m (9,166ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n'Oulaoun2.789m (9,150ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Rsas2.785m (9,137ft)Béni Mellal-KhénifraGravel
Tizi n’Tissili n’Imenaine2.776m (9,107ft)Béni Mellal-KhénifraGravel
Tizi n’Merzidhi2.770m (9,087ft)Béni Mellal-KhénifraGravel
Tizi n’Teddi2.751m (9,025ft)Marrakesh-SafiGravel
Tizi n'Tirherhouzine2.709m (8,887ft)Drâa-TafilaletAsphalt
Tizi n’Tabgourt2.667m (8,750ft)Marrakesh-SafiGravel
Oukaïmeden ski resort2.650m (8,694ft)Marrakesh-SafiAsphalt
Tizi Aguerdn’Zegzaoun2.639m (8,658ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi Tguerselt2.634m (8,641ft)Drâa-TafilaletGravel
Tizi n’Tirghist2.633m (8,638ft)Béni Mellal-KhénifraGravel
Tizi n’Inouzane2.626m (8,615ft)Drâa-TafilaletAsphalt

Pic: نبض اقليم ميدلت

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