Highest roads of Morocco

Highest roads of Morocco

Located in the Maghreb region of North Africa, Morocco is about one-tenth larger than California. The country borders the North Atlantic Ocean to the west and the west Mediterranean Sea to the north. The most important mountain range of the country is the Atlas Mountains, which consists of three ranges, the High Atlas mountains, Middle Atlas mountains and Anti Atlas mountains.

Highest mountain roads of Morocco:

Mountain road Elevation Region Surface
Jbel Ayachi 3.727m (12,227ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Tirecht 3.677m (12,063ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n'Takchtant 3.325m (10,908ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Jbel Tagdalt 3.246m (10,649ft) Marrakesh-Safi Gravel
Tizi Ou Adil 3.223m (10,574ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Jebel Tattiouine 3.211m (10,534ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Djebel n'Ouhattar 3.064m (10,052ft) Marrakesh-Safi Gravel
Tizi Tigdane 3.006m (9,862ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi el Fougani 2.999m (9,839ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Termant 2.960m (9,711ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n'Ouadi 2.950m (9,678ft) Marrakesh-Safi Gravel
Tizi n’Tamazrt 2.918m (9,573ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Ait Imi 2.914m (9,560ft) Tadla-Azilal Gravel
Tizi n'Ouano 2.910m (9,547ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Izdaden 2.832m (9,291ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Tadermant 2.799m (9,183ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Bou Oudi 2.794m (9,166ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n'Oulaoun 2.789m (9,150ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Rsas 2.785m (9,137ft) Béni M.-Khénifra Gravel
Tizi n’Tissili n’Imenaine 2.776m (9,107ft) Béni M.-Khénifra Gravel
Tizi n’Merzidhi 2.770m (9,087ft) Béni M.-Khénifra Gravel
Oukaïmeden Observ. 2.764m (9,068ft) Marrakesh-Safi Asphalt
Tizi n’Teddi 2.751m (9,025ft) Marrakesh-Safi Gravel
Oussertek-Oukaimeden Rd 2.690m (8,825ft) Marrakesh-Safi Gravel
Tizi n'Tirherhouzine 2.675m (8,776ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Asphalt
Tizi n’Tabgourt 2.667m (8,750ft) Marrakesh-Safi Gravel
Tizi Aguerdn’Zegzaoun 2.639m (8,658ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi Tguerselt 2.634m (8,641ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Gravel
Tizi n’Tirghist 2.633m (8,638ft) Béni M.-Khénifra Gravel
Tizi n’Inouzane 2.626m (8,615ft) Drâa-Tafilalet Asphalt
Oukaïmeden ski resort 2.622m (8,602ft) Marrakesh-Safi Asphalt

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