Road R703

R703 is a high mountain road located in the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It has a length of 84.8 km, and it goes within the Todra Gorges and the Tizi-n-Tirherhouzine, a high mountain pass at an elevation of 2.709m (8,887ft) above the sea level.

The road starts asphalted in Tinghir (also known as Tinerhir), a city in the region of Tinghir, south of the High Atlas. The road goes deep into the Todgha Gorge. The Todra is the name of the last 600 meters (just under 2,000 feet) of the canyons. In places, this gorge measures just 33 feet across, but the cliffs are more than 500 feet tall on either side. The gorge requires a careful driving (water flows over the road) in the rain. It ends in Agoudal, a small town at an elevation of 2,300m above the sea level. 
Pic: Ward Blackwell