Culinary Traditions and Attractions in Morocco

The food in Morocco is delicious and inexpensive. There are many things to try on small group tours to Morocco. Outside the hotel you can buy lunch for 6 euros - salad and seafood. Lots of seafood, ocean fish, Moroccan sardines are especially good.

Culinary Traditions and Attractions in Morocco

In addition to the traditional tagine and couscous, there are many vegetable salads on restaurant menus. Moroccans love complicated salads; they can mix more than a dozen different ingredients in one plate, dressing it all with sauces and spices. A Moroccan salad looks different in different cities of Morocco. It necessarily includes tomatoes, onions and cucumbers, sometimes adding olives and tuna.

Of the exotics, live snails and camel meat are sold in the market. The camel in Morocco is a friend, transport and meat. Moroccan men are particularly fond of camel meat, believing that it has a beneficial effect on male potency. At the market they sell ready made camel meat in plastic buckets poured with fat or vegetable oil. The locals eat this calorie-dense dish for breakfast, along with scrambled eggs.

What Souvenirs to Bring from Morocco

In Morocco, you can buy interesting souvenirs in each region has its own curiosities, for example, in Essaouira sell beautiful handmade silver jewelry with precious stones. To protect yourself from fakes and overpayment, it is better not to buy the goods in small shops. Buy souvenirs safer in large stores or manufactories, as they are called here.

The national pride of Morocco are olives. Those sold in markets and stores, all grown in the country. Tourists buy high-quality and inexpensive olive oil. In the souvenir shops you can see many beautiful things - expertly crafted dishes, weapons, jewelry, leather lamps and African masks.


This city is often the beginning of the journey of Russian tourists in Morocco. There are direct charter flights from Moscow to the local airport, the flight takes only 6-7 hours. In Agadir is no ancient medina, it is a modern, newly built-up city in the Arab style, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the southern part of Morocco.

Attractions and Beaches

The beach of Agadir stretches for 10 km and is divided between hotels, but there are also public areas. It is one of the best beaches on the Atlantic coast with fine sand, surfing and swimming opportunities. Along the beach is a boulevard with stores, cafes and restaurants.

Of the town's old landmarks, only the Fort of Santa Cruz de Cap de Gué remains. After a devastating earthquake over half a century ago, only the walls and gates of the fort have survived. In the city must visit the fish market, a huge market Souk el-Had, the Square of Hope and the Municipal Museum. For lovers of nightlife there are discos, clubs and casinos. The modern thalassotherapy center offers a wide range of treatments. On the outskirts of Agadir is located Souss-Massa National Reserve, where tourists have special routes, so as not to scare the rare animals. The Paradise Valley Reserve is also open to the public.


This is the current capital of the kingdom, where there is a residence of the royal family, many architectural and historical sights. Rabat is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, and many hotels have their own beaches.


Most of the attractions of the city are concentrated in the medina. There are many beautiful mosques, fountains lined with ceramic tiles, a colorful oriental market. You can visit museums of Moroccan art, archaeology and crafts.

Rabat has many beautiful gardens and parks. The most popular are the Andalusian gardens with oranges, cypresses and fountains. On a hot day, it's nice to sit in a shady pergola and enjoy the fresh scents of the flowers. The city's amusement park has amusement rides, and children will enjoy a visit to the local zoo.


The city, which the locals call Shaven, resembles an open-air museum. All the buildings in it are painted in different shades of blue and blue. It was once inhabited by runaway Jews and thanks to them the city has acquired its unique appearance.


The city streets are clean and well kept and are lined with blue Arab-style houses. You can walk around the town for hours. Since it is located on a mountainside, the upper terraces offer a great view of the surrounding area.

Bottom Line

Morocco is ideal for beach lovers and for those tourists who are interested in sightseeing. This is a country you want to come back to. Each city has its own unique look, the streets of the medinas are filled with ancient legends and fairy tales. The delicacy of the national cuisine, the unique nature and the creativity of the Moroccan people are amazing.