As the cradle of humanity, Kenya unveils roads that are more than just stretches of tarmac; they are pathways through a land where nature and culture dance in unison. Glide along the Great Rift Valley escarpment via the A104, where every twist provides panoramic views of ancient geological wonders and the vast landscapes that inspired tales of Hemingway. Traverse the Maasai Mara on the C12, a road that offers front-row seats to nature's grandest theater, where the Great Migration paints the horizon with a sea of wildebeest and zebra. And let's not forget the journey to Lamu Island along the coastal A2, where swaying palm trees stand as sentinels to the azure Indian Ocean. In Kenya, the road is a storyteller, weaving tales of vibrant tribes, majestic wildlife, and landscapes that defy description. Rev up your spirit of adventure and let Kenya's roads lead you through a land where every journey is a saga waiting to unfold.

The dangerous highway from Nairobi to Mau Summit

Nairobi-Nakuru-Mau Summit Highway is a paved highway in Kenya. The main hazards on this road are drink-driving, poor road conditions and roaming animals. It was recently repaved in an effort to stem road traffic accidents (as it was pretty dangerous before). Sadly this didn't stop the crashes.

Top 5 Road Trips to Take in Kenya

Road trips are memory-making machines, the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of your ordinary life. Indeed, nothing beats the feeling of spending hours in a luxury safari vehicle, traveling all over Kenya, taking in the breathtaking sites, and meeting amazing people along the way.

C103 is a dusty road in the heart of Kenya

C103 road is a very dusty road in bad condition located in the Coast Province of southeastern Kenya.

New Masa bridge

The New Masa bridge is located in the Mara Triangle - Maasai Mara National Reserve, in Kenya, near the border of Tanzania. It’s one of the most spectacular bridges in the world.