Top 4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Travel to Ethiopia

We all know how good traveling in helping one rejuvenate and get back on track. Today we’ll look at why Ethiopia should be a country you should consider visiting. Ethiopia is a stunning country located in the Horn of Africa.

Top 4 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Travel to Ethiopia

It’s an absolutely mesmerizing country to visit with your family and/or friends. The country has delicious yet savory cuisines, beautifully lush and earthy places, mountains, lakes, and so much more. If you are a US citizen try looking for Ethiopia visa for US citizens and get ready to book your travel ticket now.

1. Food. Food. Food.

Ethiopia has a surprisingly wide range of delicious dishes from meaty ones to those that only contain vegetables. The main staple food in Ethiopia is the Injera, which is a flatbread made of flour dough and served with a variety of sauces or gravies on the side. Other famous Ethiopian dishes include Tibs, Shiro be Kibbe, Berbere, and even the renowned ‘honey’ wine called Tej. In case you didn’t know, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. You can even take part in the Ethiopian coffee ceremony where it’s served three times a day (morning, noon, and night). If you love coffee, you know that too much is never enough.

2. Learn Amharic

Learning languages is so much fun as it is beneficial for your mental health. Studies have found that learning a second language helps improve your decision-making ability, enhances your problem solving, concentration and listening skills. Furthermore, people who are bi- or trilinguals have lower chances of being smitten with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Therefore, if you plan on learning a language learn Amharic. It’s a historical language and is a part of the Semitic languages. Did you know that Amharic is spoken by 17 million native speakers? Moreover, 4 million others speak it as their second language.

3. Mind-Blowing Landscape

Ethiopia’s landscape and scenic beauty are absolutely mind-blowing; there are no words to describe it. The country has its fair share of lush greenery and mountains. When traveling to Ethiopia be sure to make your way to the Simian Mountains (which is a great place to hike), the Blue Nile Falls, and the Ras Dashen (the highest peak in Ethiopia). Moreover, Ethiopia also has an incredible depression, formed by volcanic activity, called the Danakil Depression. This country’s scenic beauty will make you fall in love with Mother Nature.  Furthermore, be sure to visit ancient religious sites like Chapel of the Ark of Covenant, Axum Stelae Field, New Church of St. Mary of Zion, and many more.

4. Incredible Wildlife

What’s a country in Africa without its share of wildlife? Some famous animals found in Ethiopia include the Ethiopian fox, Gelada, hartebeest, Walia ibex, and don’t forget the exotic birds like the Yellow-fronted parrot, wattled ibis, blue-winged goose, Blue-breasted bee-eater and more. Therefore, this is a great place for bird watchers or animal lovers in general. Ethiopia also has several national parks like Awash National Park, Mago National Park, Gift Rift Park, and others.
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