Mount Bwahit

Mount Bwahit is one of the highest drivable roads in Africa

Mount Bwahit is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 4.437m (14,557ft) above the sea level, located in the Semien Mountains in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. The road to the pass, just some meters above the summit, is one of the highest roads of Africa.

The road over the pass was constructed in 2000. It’s just for 4x4 cars. Menacing desert terrain with numerous steep, rocky climbs. Large, sharp rocks require tight maneuvering, increasing the likelihood of tire damage. High clearance, skid plates and differential lockers required. No stock vehicles. A complex network of poorly defined roads makes route-finding very difficult, even following a GPS tracklog. Very hot in summer. Carry plenty of water. Never drive this trail alone.
The surface on this gravel road is often loose, especially along the sides of the road. It makes necessary to drive carefully. The Simien Mountains in Ethiopia are simply put, one of the best trekking destinations in the world. Jaw dropping views, wall to wall sunshine, generous hospitality and rare wildlife combine to make for an unforgettable trek. 
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