Navigating the P1 Road: Eritrea's Majestic Mountain Highway

Situated on the cusp of the Central and Northern Red Sea regions, the P1 presents a stimulating mountainous drive in Eritrea.

P1 road

How Long is the P1 Road in Eritrea?

Fully paved and well-maintained, the P1 stretches over 111 km (68.97 miles). This route takes travelers on a journey from Asmara, Eritrea's bustling capital and most populous city, to the picturesque coastal city of Massawa along the Red Sea.

What’s the Estimated Drive Time on the P1?

With its dramatic elevations reaching a pinnacle of 2,414m (7,919ft) above sea level and sections that are notably steep, most drivers can expect to traverse the entirety of P1 in a span of 2 to 3 hours, assuming no prolonged stops.
Pic: Mop