Cape Verde

Nestled off the coast of West Africa, Cape Verde is a mosaic of islands, each bearing its distinct character, yet harmoniously bound by the rhythms of the Atlantic. A drive through its landscapes is an exploration of contrasts: from the shimmering coastlines to rugged mountain terrains, and from tranquil valleys to bustling market towns.

Commence your voyage on the undulating path fromVila do Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande. This road, sculpted by both man's will and nature's artistry, reveals a series of vistas that compete in splendor: towering cliffs giving way to serene beaches, and dense green valleys juxtaposed against barren volcanic stretches.

As you ascend the challenging terrains leading to Monte Verde on São Vicente, the world unfolds beneath, offering a breathtaking tableau of the archipelago's mosaic. It's a place where the vastness of the ocean meets the ethereal sky, creating a dreamscape that lingers long in memory.

Yet, Cape Verde's charm is not just in its grand panoramas. It's in the smaller moments: the rhythmic beat of morna music drifting from a distant village, the aroma of cachupa stew wafting through the air, or the warm smiles of its people as you drive by.

Driving from Vila do Porto Novo to Ribeira Grande in the island of Santo Antão, in Cape Verde, is a very challenging experience.

Monte Verde is a mountain peak at an elevation of 642m (2,106ft) above the sea level located in the northern part of the island of São Vicente in Cape Verde.

Pico do Fogo is an active stratovolcano located in the Ilha do Fogo, one of the southernmost islands in Cape Verde.

The 10th Parallel marine and aerial routes, known historically for facilitating trade between South America and West Africa, have taken on a new and sinister role in modern times. These routes, spanning a distance of approximately 2,500 kilometers between Venezuela and the western coast of Africa, have earned the ominous moniker "Highway 10" among law enforcement due to their use by Latin American drug cartels for shipping vast quantities of cocaine to the ever-expanding European market.