The Ring Road of Cameroon: A Scenic Drive through North Western Mountains

The Ring Road, often referred to as National Road No. 11 (RN11), encircles the picturesque grassfields of Cameroon, making it one of the nation's most iconic scenic drives. This approximately 365 km (226 miles) long route links all the divisional headquarters of the North-West region, starting and ending in Bamenda, the regional capital. Along this drive, travelers can witness majestic mountains, serene crater lakes, and unique kingdoms known as Fondoms.

Ring Road of Cameroon

Key Destinations

Starting in Bamenda, the route passes through several notable locations such as Bafut, Wum, Nkambe, and Kumbo before looping back to the starting point. Each stop offers glimpses into Cameroon's rich culture, historic villages, and breathtaking landscapes that appeal to adventure and nature enthusiasts.

Road Conditions

While parts of the Ring Road are well-paved, travelers should anticipate stretches of rough and unpaved terrains, often dotted with potholes. It's not uncommon to encounter challenges like animals (mainly domesticated ones like cows and goats), eager street vendors, and school children along the way. The journey can become especially challenging during the rainy season, making certain sections impassable. Thus, checking ahead for road conditions is advisable. Given the rugged nature of certain portions, a 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended for the journey.

What to Expect

Though this road trip offers a diverse array of sights and sounds, comforts can be minimal. Expect a mix of good, rough, and dirt roads, which may or may not be well-maintained. However, the unparalleled beauty of the landscapes and the adventurous essence of the drive make it a favorite among hardy travelers. Additionally, this tour is flexible and can be undertaken in either direction, allowing travelers to customize their experience.

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