What are the most spectacular roads in Angola?

In the land where the Atlantic's roaring waves meet vast savannahs and cloud-kissing peaks, Angola presents a driving saga that's as varied as its cultural tapestry. Begin your journey on the Via Expressa, where modern Angola comes to life, connecting the hustle of Luanda to the tranquillity of its southern beaches.

But for the heart-stopping highlight, the road to Serra da Leba beckons. A serpentine marvel of engineering, this precipice road scales formidable heights, treating daring drivers to panoramic vistas that seem to defy gravity and capture the very essence of Angola's topographical wonder. Whether cruising through the plains of Huambo or navigating the intricate paths of the Bie Plateau, every Angolan route offers a new chapter of discovery. So, start your engine and let the roads of Angola introduce you to a land where nature's drama and human ingenuity converge in harmonious spectacle.

Serra da Leba is the name of a mountain range located on the boundary of Huíla and Namibe provinces of Angola. It’s one of the famous hairpinned roads in the world.