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Located in South America, Chile is a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The world's longest country is marked by a narrow depression between the mountains and the sea.

Highest mountain passes of Chile:

Mountain passElevationZoneSurface
Ojos del Salado6.891m (22,608 ft)AtacamaGravel
Volcan Tacora5.980m (19,620 ft)Arica-ParinacotaGravel
Volcán Ollagüe5.868 m (19,251ft)AntofagastaGravel
Refugio Tejos5.800m (19,000ft)AtacamaGravel
Curiquinca5.552m (18,215ft)AtacamaGravel
Aucanquilcha5.500m (18,044 ft)AntofagastaGravel
Sairécabur Telescope5.525m (18,127 ft)AtacamaGravel
Cerro Toco5.416m (17,769ft)AtacamaGravel
Abra Taapaca5.250m (17,224 ft)TarapacaGravel
Cerro Chajnantor5.042m (16,541ft)AtacamaGravel
Paso de Agua Negra4.780m (15,682 ft)CoquimboGravel
Paso de San Francisco4.748m (15,577 ft)AtacamaGravel
Paso Chungara4.687m (15,377 ft)AndesGravel
Pacana Caldera4.658m (15,282ft)AtacamaGravel

Roads global map

Roads global map

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