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Ghosts, hitchhickers, women in white. From Hong Kong to USA. From England to Croatia. All around the world there are stories about haunted roads. Some of them look real. Some of them look unreal. But all of them are pretty scary and haved developed a reputation for being the source of strange experiences and hauntings.Some of the roads became infamous due to the strange activity which occurs along. 

Here it comes the list of the most famous haunted roads in the world.

Clinton Road, USA
Satanic cults, kkk gatherings, ghost sightings

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

A3 motorway, Croatia
Hallucinations and unexplained phenomena

Sweet Hollow Road, USA
Ghostly wayfarers

Boy Scout Lane, USA

Mount Misery Road, USA
Ghostly wayfarers

Annie's Road, USA
A ghost bride

Stocksbridge Bypass, England
Ghostly monk

M6, England
Roman soldiers either walking or marching up and down the road

Belchen Tunnel, Switzerland
Ghost of an old lady

A229, England
Woman in a white dress appearing in front of cars

Bloodspoint Road, USA
Cars push across the bridge, traffic light changing locations and ghost

Zombie Road, USA
Spectral American Indians and Confederate rebels

Shades of Death Road, USA
Girl wearing her prom dress

Kelly RoadUSA
Animals become violent chasingpeople away, noises and spirits

Street with No Name, Australia
Evil, eerie presence, bizarre behaviour displayed by small children and dogs that visiting the area.

Wakehurst Parkway, Australia
A girl in a white dress to a phantom nun, and ghost stories.

The Screaming tunnel, Canada
ight a match and will go out. You will then hear the screams of a dying girl.

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
Avenue of trees haunted by a Grey Lady


Roads global map

Roads global map

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