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Located in Western and Central Europe, Switzerland, is the most mountainous country in Europe and remains one of the most popular travel destinations on the planet. The country hosts about 20% of the Alps. Approximately 100 peaks are close to or higher than 4.000 meters (13,125 feet) above sea level.

Highest mountain roads of Switzerland:

NameElevation (m)Canton(s)/Country Max.gradientSurface
Gentianes2.906Valais Gravel
Viderjoch2.876Graubünden/Austria Gravel
Grubengletscher2.862Valais Gravel
Chassoure2.739Valais Gravel
Vaux2.705Valais Gravel
Schwarzsee2.588Valais Gravel
Grand St. Bernard 2.469Valais11% Asphalt
Furgge Pass2.451Valais  Gravel
Furka 2.431Uri/Valais11%Asphalt
Griessee2.386Valais Asphalt
Flüela 2.383 Graubünden10% Asphalt
Côté Verbier2.374Valais Gravel
Strela2.352Graubünden Gravel
Alp Anarosa2.348Graubünden Gravel
Männlichen2.343Berne Gravel
Bernina 2.328 Graubünden 10% Asphalt
Des Mines2.320Valais Gravel
Livigno 2.315 Graubünden/Italy 12% Asphalt
Albula 2.312 Graubünden 12% Asphalt
Julier2.284 Graubünden 10% Asphalt
Sanetsch2.242Berne/Valais Asphalt
Scimfuss2.242Ticino Gravel
Alpe Galm2.231Valais12%Asphalt
Susten 2.224 Bern/Uri 9% Asphalt
Tomül2.179Graubünden Gravel
Croix de Coeur2.174Valais Gravel
Grimsel 2.165Bern/Valais 10% Asphalt
Rionda2.157Vaud Gravel
Ofen (Fuorn Pass) 2.149 Graubünden 10% Asphalt
Tiarms2.148Graubünden/Uri Gravel
Bassa della Sella2.138Ticino Gravel
Duranna2.117Graubünden Gravel
Splügen 2.113 Graubünden/Italy 10% Asphalt
St. Gotthard 2.108 Uri/Ticino8%Asphalt
San Bernardino 2.065 Graubünden/Ticino 10% Asphalt
Moosalp2.048Valais  Asphalt
Oberalp 2.044 Graubünden/Uri 10% Asphalt
Simplon 2.005 Valais/Italy 9% Asphalt

Roads global map

Roads global map

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