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Located in southern Europe, Italy is a long peninsula shaped like a boot, surrounded on the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the east by the Adriatic, extending into the Central Mediterranean Sea. The major part of Italy's mountain retreats also invite visitors to experience a wide array of cultural and outdoor activities each season. Italy's Alpine regions are some of the most magical destinations in Europe, and this trip takes you to the best lakes and mountains in the area.

Highest mountain passes of Italy:

Mountain passElevationZoneSurface
Bontadini-Lift 3.332m (10,931 ft)Valle d'AostaGravel
Monte Chaberton3.131m (10,272 ft)Susa ValleyGravel
Passo del Madriccio3.123m (10,246ft)Ortler Alps Gravel
Col du Plateau Rosa3.088m (10,131ft)Valle d'AostaGravel
Rifugio Pirovano3.018m (9,901 ft)AlpsGravel
Colle Sommeiller2.993m (9,819ft)Alpi CozieGravel
Cima Bianca2.977m (9,767ft)Ortler AlpsGravel
Passo delle Platigliole2.908m (9,540ft)AlpsGravel
Cresta Sobretta2.901m (9,517ft)Ortler AlpsGravel
Cime Bianche2.899m (9,511ft)Valle d'AostaGravel
Rifugio Francesco Petrarca2.875m (9,432 ft)South TyrolGravel
Cima Ciantiplagna2.849m (9,347ft)AlpsGravel
La Colletta2.843m (9,327ft)PiedmontGravel
Laghi di Cedèc2.833m (9,294ft)Ortler AlpsGravel
Rifugio Madriccio2.828m (9,278ft)Ortler AlpsGravel
Rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi2.809m (9,215ft)Valle d'AostaGravel
Carosello 30002.783m (9,130ft)AlpsGravel
Passo dello Stelvio2.757m (9,045 ft)Ortler AlpsAsphalt
Colle dell'Agnello2.744m (9,003 ft)Cottian AlpsAsphalt
Forcella d'Entova2.738m (8,982ft)SondrioGravel
Colle del Nivolet 2.641m (8,665 ft)Graian AlpsAsphalt
Col de Maurin2.637m (8,651 ft)AlpsGravel
Passo di Gavia2.621m (8,599 ft)AlpsAsphalt
Monte Gran Costa2.615m (8,579 ft)AlpsGravel
Colle della Vecchia2.605m (8,546 ft)AlpsGravel
Bellecombe2.602m (8,536ft)Valle d'AostaGravel
Forte del Gran Serin2.589m (8,494ft)AlpsGravel
Lago Miserin2.580m (8,464 ft)Aosta ValleyGravel
Plose2.562m (8,406 ft)DolomitesGravel
Cornetto di Confine2.545m (8,349ft)AlpsGravel
Passo del Frejus2.542m (8,340 ft)Cottian AlpsGravel
Rif. Grand Tournalin2.535m (8,316 ft)Aosta ValleyGravel

Roads global map

Roads global map

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