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Route 622

Route 622 is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It’s located in the Westfjords, a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland. The trail is extreme, just for 4x4. Some say it’s the most terrifying road in the country. That is an insanely beautiful route to take with the road carved into and under cliffs and great mountain views all the way. 

Ring Road

Route 1, commonly known as Ring Road, is 830 miles of adventure and surprises. A road trip like no other, running the entire country and connecting the most populous parts, including Reykjavík, the capital of the country. It’s the most travelled route around Iceland.


The scenic 232 km long Diamond Ring Road (also known as The Diamond Circle), is a mix of paved and unpaved route with a beautiful scenario, and a popular tourist route in North Iceland. 


Located in the northwest of Iceland, at the Westfjords peninsula, the asphalted road linking the small towns of Bolungarvík and Hnífsdalur was one of the most dangerous roads in the country due to rockfalls and avalanches. Currently the road is closed.

Askja road

Askja road is a dirt track winding to the Askja volcano, a stratovolcano situated in a remote part of the central highlands of Iceland. The road has some challenging sections, crossing several rivers. To drive on this road, you have to be driving a 4x4 vehicle. It is strongly advised that people travel together in 2 or more cars. 


Öxi pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 539m above the sea level, located in eastern Iceland. It’s recommended you avoid this pass outside of summer and during bad weather.


Route F26 (also know as Sprengisandsleið) is a highland gravel road featuring the most desolate terrain found in Iceland. The road has a length of 200km, running through the Sprengisandur area between the glaciers Hofsjökull and Vatnajökull.


Bolafjall is a mountain pass at an elevation of 634 metres above the sea level, located west of Bolungarvík Town, one of Iceland’s northernmost towns.


The Kaldidalsvegur (officially known as Route 550) is a highland track in Iceland, with a length of 40 km with no unbridged river crossings. Four-wheel-drive vehicle is not legally required to traverse it, however many car rental companies forbid the use of their two-wheel-drive vehicles on this interior route.


Fjarðarheiði is a mountain pass at an elevation of 620m above the sea level, located in the Eastern Region of Iceland.


Road 864 is a bumpy, unsealed and dusty road in in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland, with a total length of 56.5km. This nasty corrugated gravel road, and incredibly dusty, goes through a lunar landscape. Once you’re in the road, everything inside the car will be covered in dust kicked up from the road.


F208 is one of the most dangerous roads in Iceland but one of the most scenic drives in the country. In many places the road is bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters (many hundreds of feet) unprotected by guardrails. Expect very tough driving conditions with potholes, rocks, uneven terrain and even rivers to ford.


Kjalvegur (officially known as Route F35) is a highland road in Iceland, with a length of 168 km (104 mi), crossing Kjölur, a plateau in the highlands of Iceland, at an elevation of about 600–700 metres, from north to south. 


Located near the volcano Hekla in the south of Iceland, Háifoss is a 122 meters high waterfall. Situated in Fossá river it’s the second largest waterfall in the country. The road is very rough, a jeep or other 4 wheel drive vehicle is recommend.


Spectacular sealed coastal road in Iceland, with a total length of 329km, going to Ísafjörður, in the north west of the country, seat of Ísafjarðarbær municipality.


Roads global map

Roads global map

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