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With a total length of 381 km (237 mi), the Carpentaria Highway runs between Daly Waters an Borroloola in the Northern Territory Australia.

This road starts near Daly Waters, a small town in the Northern Territory in Australia, about 620 kilometres south of Darwin, at an elevation of 212 metres above sea level). After more than 8 hours driving, the road ends in Borroloola, a town in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is located on the McArthurRiver, about 50 km upstream from the Gulf of Carpentaria, at an elevation of 17 m (56 ft) above the sea level. The dual-lane section of the Carpentaria Highway north of McArthurRiver mine made passing oncoming road trains routine. 


Be prepared with jackets, water, and emergency kit in your car.The term Carpentaria Highway is occasionally used for the sections of the gravel Savannah Way running east from Borroloola to Wollogorang near the Queensland border. Carpentaria Highway is quite narrow in places, and by any standard, this is a long and tough haul through very remote territory. Its isolation requires travellers to be totally self-sufficient with water, food and fuel.