the world's most spectacular roads

Guoliang Tunnel is one of the most famous tunnels in the world. It’s 1.2 kilometres (0.75 mi) long, 5 metres (16 ft) tall and 4 metres (13 ft) wide, located high in the Taihang Mountains of the Henan Province, China.

The tunnel, carved along the side of and through a mountain, opened to traffic on May 1, 1977, it's quite a tourist attraction, giving the village a little too much unwanted attention, but some very welcome revenue.  


Before its construction in 1972, the only access to civilization of the village of Guoliang, located high in the Taihang Mountains of the Henan Province, was some steep, narrow stairs embedded in the mountainside called the “Sky Ladder”, a treacherous, slippery climb even for the most nimble and sure-footed of the villagers or their rare company callers. Thirteen villagers headed by their chief, Shen Mingxin began the project, but several died during construction, so the others continued relentlessly. It took five years to finish this spooky tunnel. 


Nowadays, the tunnel is an extremely scenic route and is a key destination on the Chinese tourism map as it became a tourist attraction when China opened its borders to international tourists. The tunnel is pretty scary with 30 windows of various sizes and shapes and it has been dubbed as the road that does not tolerate any mistakes. Most accidents in the tunnel are primarily caused by the neglect of the traveller. 


In Turkey there’s a road called Kemaliye Taş Yolu, probably more spectacular than this road, but less famous. It’s located in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, and it includes several tunnels on a gravel surface. The Turkish road is extreme, bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters unprotected by guardrails.


This road has been heralded as one of the most spectaculars roads in the world by the dangerousroads.org users. It’s only wide enough for the very slow, careful passing of oncoming cars. This is made terrifying by the fact that the road was built on the path of least resistance. The tunnel twists, turns and dips in unpredictable places, enough to leave any driver white-knuckled in terror at what could be coming at them around the slippery blind spot of a bend. 


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Great article, totally what I needed.
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i was there last year, this is not the only road in the area, if you start exploring, there are even longer and steeper roads of this type in the area....great place for good shaped hikers.....