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Located on the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is one of the most geographically varied countries of the continent. The mountain ranges of the country are some of the oldest and most beautiful in the world, and several of the highest peaks have snow in the Southern hemisphere winter season.

Highest mountain passes of South Africa:   

Mountain Pass (Zone)Elevation Surface
Sani Pass KZN2876Gravel
Naudes Nek EC2587Gravel 
Bidstone Pass EC2567Gravel
Carlisleshoekspruit Pass EC2557Gravel
Ongeluks Nek EC2541Gravel
De Beer's Pass WC2435Asphalt
Donkey Pass FS2394Gravel 
Steenkampsberg Pass MPL2254Asphalt 
Matroosberg WC2249Gravel
Baster Voetslaan Pass EC2236Gravel 
Jouberts Pass EC2234Gravel 
Bottelnek Pass EC2201Gravel 
Old Mill Drift 4x4 FS2183Gravel 
Lundins Nek EC2170Gravel 
Long Tom Pass MPL2138Asphalt 
Otto du Plessis Pass EC2115Gravel 
Groot Zuikerboschkop MPL2102Gravel
Masjiennek Pass MPL2090Asphalt
Santa Pass MPL2068Asphalt
Kastrolnek Pass MPL2031Asphalt
Vanrooyshoogte Pass FS2023Gravel 
Barkly Pass EC2018Asphalt
Jantjieshoek Pass MPL2001Gravel
Normandien Pass KZN1992 Gravel
Swaershoek Pass EC1981Gravel
Qachas Nek EC1981Gravel
Clivia Pass MPL1968Asphalt
Hattingshoogte Pass KZN1965 
Keays Pass KZN1959 
Greylings Pass EC1953Gravel
Lichens Pass FS1951Asphalt
Benjaminshoogte Pass EC1950Asphalt
Draaihoek se Hoogte FS1949 
Mariepskop Pass MPL1942Gravel
Sak se Pad Pass KZN1942 
Mikes Pass KZN1931 
Mokobulaan Pass MPL1921 
Smuts Pass EC1916 
Joubertsnek Pass MPL1905 
Rooinek Pass R34 FS1905 
Pitseng Pass EC1900 
Bestehoogte Pass FS1893 
Jaap se Hoogte Pass MPL1888Asphalt
Noupoortnek FS1882 
Wakkerstroomnek MPL1882 
Kingscote Cutting KZN1879 
De Jagersnek Pass MPL1870Gravel
Rogers Pass KZN1857 
Vlaknek Pass FS1853Gravel
Majubanek Pass KZN1848Gravel
Allemansnek Pass MPL1847Asphalt
Donkies Pass KZN1846 
Swartmodderfontein Pass KZN1845 
Verkyknek Pass MPL1844 
Penhoek Pass EC1844Asphalt
Mullers Pass KZN1835 
Lafrashoogte Pass FS1827 
Elandsnek Pass 4x4 KZN1817 
Wapadskloof Pass MPL1812 
Bothas Pass KZN1809 
Grasnek Pass MPL1806 
Kraai River Pass EC1797 
Brandons Pass KZN1792 
Robbers Pass MPL1789 
Pot River Pass EC1781 
Lootsberg Pass EC1781Asphalt
Barkers Nek Pass EC1776 
Collings Pass KZN1773 
Trapvoet Pass WC1772 
Kwaggasnek Pass KZN1770 
Latemanek Pass MPL1770 
Van Reenens Pass KZN1768Asphalt
Wapadsberg Pass EC1768 
Rooihoogte Pass PVT - MPL1766 
Grootnek Pass FS1758 
Tintwa Pass KZN1751 
Bezuidenhouts Pass KZN1749 
Braamhoek Pass KZN1743 
Oliviershoek Pass KZN1742 
Soutars Hill Pass KZN1741 
Klipnek Pass FS1733 
Wilgekraal Pass MPL1730 
De Beers Pass KZN1720 
Mollshoogte Pass KZN1719 
Skurweberg Pass MPL1719 
Maanhaarrand Pass NW1716 
Devils Bellows EC1712 
Bastards Poort WC1707 
Boesmanshoek Pass KZN1707 
Crossroads Pass MPL1705 
Witnek Pass EC1700 
Laings Nek Pass KZN1692 
De Beers Pass EC1686 
Korannaberg Pass OFS1684 
Allemanspoort EC1678 
Koffiehoogte Pass MPL1672 
Bonnet Pass MPL1667 
Knights Pass KZN1662 
Komsberg Pass NC1656 
Blouhoogte Pass MPL1655 
Blounek Pass WC1655 
Kaapsehoop Pass MPL1653 
Sandspruit Pass KZN1646 
Bulhoek Pass EC1645 
Bakenkop Pass MPL1638 
Groot Doringhoek Pass EC1638 
Katberg Pass EC1636 
Middledale Pass KZN1629 
Sondagsrivier Pass KZN1624 
Carlton Heights NC1622 
Goudvelde Pass MPL1620 
Watervalsrivier Pass MPL1620 
Brooks Nek Pass EC1616 
Swaershoek Pass EC1616 
Killians Pass EC1613 
Roseberg Pass WC1603 
Patatanek Pass MPL1596 
De Beers Nek Pass MPL1595 
Rooikloof Pass NC1593 
Griffins Hill KZN1590Asphalt
Swartberg Pass WC1583Gravel
Moordenaarsnek EC1581 
Verlatenkloof Pass NC1568 
Allemansnek FS1565 
The Devils Pass KZN1562 
Helpmekaar Pass KZN1556 
Nelshoogte Pass MPL1547 
Buffelskloof Pass MPL1543 
Noustrop Pass KZN1541 
Witklip Pass MPL1539 
Oukloof Pass NC1536 
Klipkraal Pass MPL1535 
Rubidge Kloof Pass EC1535 
Rooiwalshoek Pass MPL1533 
Chom se Hoogte MPL1531 
Donkerpoort GTG1526 
Ingogo Heights KZN1525 
Hennings Pass MPL1524 
Burgers Pass KZN1519 
Cala Pass EC1517 Asphalt
Heuningneskloof Pass EC1513 
Kumajaba Pass EC1509 
Langkloof Pass 1 NC1508 
Langeni Pass EC1505 
Georges ValleyRoad LPO1489 
Rooipoort Pass NC1487 
Kowyns Pass1479 
Diepgezet Pass MPL1478 
Nico Malan Pass EC1476 
Ikhupe Pass KZN1469Asphalt 
Van Tonders Pass KZN1468 
Bakkers Pass LPO1464 
Horns Nek GTG1452 
De Jagers Pass WC1449 
Karelskraal Pass NC1449 
Naudesberg Pass EC1449 
Bells Pass FS1446 
Teekloof Pass NC1444 
Doornhoek Pass LPO1442 
Gamkaskloof WC1442 
Bothas Nek MPL1441 
Michels Pass EC1441 
Schimpers Nek KZN1432 
Die Poortjie NC1429 
Satans Nek Pass EC1426 
eRoma Pass EC1423 
Schuinshoogte Pass KZN1417 
Bloupoort Pass NC1415 
Bergenaarspad Pass NC1414 
Bastersnek Pass NC1413 
Veraaiers Nek MPL1411 
Visierkerfnek KZN1411 
Jan Trichardt Pass LPO1410 
Caspers Nek MPL1404 
Ouberg Pass, Sutherland NC1401 
Magoesbaskloof Pass LPO1400 
Khyber Pass KZN1397 
Saddleback Pass MPL1393 
Brinkshoogte Pass KZN1385 
Orrie Baragwanath East LPO1384 
Blyderivier Poort MPL1379 
Endoumeni Pass KZN1375Asphalt
Mpate Heights KZN1361 
Snyderspoort Pass NC1360 
Elands Pass MPL1359 
Leeunek Pass KZN1351 
Waterfall Hill KZN1346 
Tarka Botha Pass EC1343 
Koffiekloof Pass KZN1340 
Droevoetspoort NC1329 
Pivaanspoort KZN1328 
Kranspoort Pass1327 
Bloedrivierpoort KZN1325 
Ping Pong Cutting KZN1325 
Buffelspoort NW1318 
Nonesis Nek EC1318 
Buffelshoek Pass EC1313 
Rammelkop Pass NC1308 
Tierkloof Pass KZN1305 
Almansnek Pass KZN1303 
Baviaanspoort GTG1303 
Blounek Pass NC1302 
Colona Nek EC1300 
Scheepersnek KZN1295 
Schoemans Kloof MPL1294 
Rankins Pass LPO1292 
Uitkyk Pass MPL1289 
Gregory's Nek KZN1284 
Glenluce Pass KZN1281 
Smith's Nek KZN1266 
Wonderkloof Pass MPL1251 
Oupoort Pass NC1245 
Rooihoogte Pass WC1240 
Smoushoogte Pass NC1236 
Turck se Pas NC1235 
Quaggasfontein Poort NC1230 
Droelandskloof Pass WC1226 
Gannaga NC1226 
Pienaars Pass WC1226 
Sudwala Pass MPL1223 
Havemannshoogte KZN1222 
Paardekloof Pass N9 EC1222 
Hogsback Pass EC1216 
Hottentotskloof Pass WC1213 
Molteno Pass WC1209Gravel
Keiskie se Poort NC1207 
Koueveld Pass WC1202 
Ouberg Pass EC1201 
Hela Hela Pass KZN1199Gravel
Katbakkies Pass WC1198Asphalt
Kwaaimans Pass EC1195 
Eureka City Pass MPL1190 
Volstruispoort NC1188 
Nicholsons Pass KZN1175 
Tarka Pass EC1175 
Fullershoek Pass EC1172 
Uitkomst (BoSwaarmoed) WC1172 
Grobbelaarskloof Pass KZN1171 
Klipspringer Pass WC1170 
Studers Pass NC1170 
Moordenaarspoort NC1163 
Chuniespoort LPO1162 
Bontebok Pass WC1157 
Renosterpoort NC1157 
Langkloof Poort (Garies)NC1150 
Keikamspoort NC1149 
Bosluiskkloof WC1124Gravel
Baviaans-Kouga 4x4 EC1119 
Bakenshoogte Pass NC1109 
Goliathskraal Pass EC1109 
Lancers Nek KZN1099 
Meketaanspoort Pass NC1091 
Kredouw Pass WC1089 
Bloubank Nek KZN1088 
Theronsberg WC1086 
Swaarmoed Pass WC1085 
Kamieshoogte Pass NC1073 
Buffelshoek Pass R303 WC1071 
Middelberg Pass WC1071 
Lombardskop Nek KZN1066 
Nuwekloof Pass EC1063 
Bruintjieshoogte EC1055 
Prieska Poort NC1049 
Allemanshoek Pass WC1045 
Mount Carmel Pass MPL1043 
Kleinvlei Pass WC1042 
Prince Alfreds Pass WC1038Gravel
Bloukrans NC1029 
Buys Poort EC1026 
Ghwarriepoort EC1024 
Shiyalongubo Pass MPL1023 
Gydo Pass WC1020 
Uitkyk Pass WC1020 
Ouberg Pass Montagu WC1014 
Abel Erasmus Pass LPO1011 
Seweweekspoort WC1011 
Witwaterspoort WC1008 
Hilltop Pass MPL1001 
Kromrivier Pass WC1001 
Potjiesberg Pass WC998 
Bergvliet Pass MPL997 
Grootrivierhoogte Pass WC995 
Pefferskop Pass EC985 
Voortrekker Pass WC985 
All Saints Nek EC984 
Elands Pass WC973 
Eselbank Pass WC973Gravel
Die Venster (R46) WC968 
Hex River Pass WC965 
Bouldersberg Pass MPL964 
Mpageni Pass MPL964 
Blinkberg Pass WC963 
Thyshoogte Pass NC959 
Daggaboersnek EC952 
Perrieshoogte EC951 
Wylies Poort LPO942 
Kouberg Pass WC931 
Baillies Pass NC926 
Lugogoda Pass MPL915 
Kiepersol Pass MPL912 
Botterkloof NC907 
Pakhuis Pass WC906 
Perdepoort Pass EC906Asphalt
Aapsrivierpoort WC897 
Peerboomskloof Pass WC896 
Bedrogfontein 4x4 EC890 
Suurberg Pass EC888 
Uniondale Poort WC884 
Droekloof Pass WC882 
Montrose Pass MPL870 
Masekwaspoort LPO867 
Robinson Pass WC867 
Jukhoogte Pass WC866 
Rust en Vrede Pass WC865 
Anenous Pass NC857 
Burgers Pass WC857 
Attaquaskloof Pass WC846 
Karoo Poort WC846 
Volstruisnek Pass WC844 
Uniondale Heights EC843 
Tierbergspoort WC838 
Du Toitskkloof Pass Old WC833 
Van Collers Pass LPO829 
Red Hill Pass EC828 
Vanrhyns Pass NC825 
Munnikspoort EC812 
Bloupuntrivier Poort WC811 
Outeniqua Pass WC800Asphalt
Rooiberg Pass WC798 
Wasbank Pass WC798 
Klein Swartberg Pass WC796 
Tierberg Pass WC794 
Varsbokkraal Pass WC784 
Rooinek Pass WC782Asphalt
Outol Pass WC780 
Franschoek Pass WC742 
Mlengana Pass EC742 
Windheuwel Poort EC742 
Huis se Hoogte Pass WC739 
Gysmanshoek Pass WC736 
Witnekke Pass WC736 
Montagu Pass WC735Gravel
Bushmanskloof Pass WC734 
Elandskloof Pass WC734 
Op de Tradouw Pass WC728 
Olifantskop Pass EC724 
Meiringspoort WC720 
Trompetterspoort Pass EC719 
Soutpansnek KZN710 
Wildehondskloofhoogte WC707 
Burkes Pass NC701 
Dasklip Pass WC700 
Hoek se Berg Pass WC700 
Witkranspoort WC698 
Versfeld Pass WC682 
Amandel Nek Pass NC672 
Paardekop Pass WC669 
Swanepoelspoort EC669 
Cecil Macks Pass KZN668 
Joubertspoort WC663 
Huisrivier Pass WC661 
Grootvlei Pass NC655 
Perdefonteinkloof Pass WC655 
Beerpoort Pass EC651 
Kransvleikloof Pass WC638 
Prinsrivier Pass WC632 
Watervalsberg Pass WC631 
Medenpoort Pass EC620 
Matjiesrivier Poort WC617 
Sabana Pass KZN614 
Kammanassie Pass WC610 
Schoemanspoort WC604 
Gifberg Pass WC600 
Koebee Pass WC600 
Nieuwoudts Pass WC600 
Bainskloof Pass WC595Asphalt
Combrinks Pass EC592 
Touws-Sewefontein WC589 
Kei Cuttings EC581 
Paardepoort P1648 WC575 
Studtis Poort EC575 
Wapadsnek Pass WC575 
Baviaanskloof EC575Gravel
Doringnek Pass EC563 
Kamferspoort Pass EC561 
Klipfonteinrant WC561 
Eseljagpoort WC560 
Helspoort Pass EC559 
Coetzees Poort WC549 
Muiskraal Pass549 
Garcia Pass WC548Asphalt
Grey's Pass WC536 
Piekenierskloof Pass WC536 
Viljoens Pass WC532 
Wildeperdehoek Pass NC529 
Dontsa Pass EC526 
Holgat Pass EC526 
Floorshoogte Pass WC525 
Kraaibosberg Pass WC523 
Langkloof Pass WC514 
Antoniesberg Pass EC511 
Charles' Pass NC510 
Oudekloof Pass Modern WC507 
Rooirantnek Pass KZN507 
Witelskloof Pass WC507 
Seekoeigat Pass WC505 
Elandskloof Pass R303 WC501 
Messelpad Pass NC498 
Kom se Pad WC493 
Kareedouw Pass EC487 
Cats Pass EC486 
Rooihoogte Pass (R43) WC484 
Michells Pass WC480 
Cloetes Pass WC478 
Krokodil Poort MPL478 
Carstenberg Pass WC476 
Killians Pass NC476 
Roodezandkloof Pass WC473 
Ecca Pass EC472 
Ottaspoort Pass NC464 
Du Toitskloof Pass New WC453 
Sir Lowrys Pass WC452 
Grasnek Pass EC451 
Ouberg Pass (P2204)448 
Highlands Pass WC434 
Poortjieskloof Pass WC434 
Wadrift Pass WC434 
Pettigrews Nek MPL428 
Prinspoort Pass WC428 
Remhoogte Pass WC421 
Tafelberg Road (CT)417 
Jan Phillips Mtn Rd WC404 
Haarwegskloof WC400 
Boosmansbos Pass WC395 
Hexrivier Poort WC395 
Steenbras Mountain Rd WC395 
Jacks Pass LPO392 
Windpoort NC391 
Dassieshoek Pass WC389 
Helshoogte Pass WC387 
Oudekloof/Roodezand WC382 
Moodies Pass WC380 
Kapteinskloof Pass WC369 
Shaws Mountain Pass WC365 
Adolphus Poort EC363 
Scheepershoogte Pass WC359 
Tradouw Pass WC347Asphalt
Bothmaskloof WC347 
Brand se Berg Pass WC347 
Taal Monument Pass WC347 
Signal Hill Road (CT)343 
Die Bloubanke Pass WC342 
Hagelkraal Pass WC340 
Houwhoek PassNew WC340 
Blaauwkrantz Pass EC331 
Dwarskloof Pass WC328 
Fonteinskloof Pass EC328 
Strykhoogte Pass WC326 
Nardouskloof Pass WC320 
Elgin Valley Road WC316 
Ou Kaapse Weg WC315 
Slanghoek Valley Road WC312 
Stormsvlei Poort WC311 
Murrays Neck Pass KZN310 
Du Plessis Pass WC308 
Sandberg Pass WC305 
Old Cape Road WC281 
Houw Hoek Pass (Old)275 
Leeuriviershoogte WC270 
Bakoondhoogte Pass WC266 
Hemel & Aarde Pass WC264 
Red Hill Rd WC263 
Bloukrans Pass WC254 
Rhodes Drive WC250 
Tyger Valley Road249 
Storms River Pass EC246 
Camps Bay Drive243 
Kloof Nek Road (M62)243 
Hoogekraal Pass WC242 
Kloof Road WC242 
Grootrivier Pass WC240 
Jan Muller Pass WC240 
Karatara Pass WC239 
Hankey Pass EC238 
Barrington Pass WC235 
Jakkalskloof Pass WC235 
Karwyderskraal Pass WC235 
Touw Rivier Pass WC234 
Homtini Pass WC232 
Van Stadens Pass EC229 
Gouna Pass WC227 
Constantia Nek WC223 
Rooihoogte Pass N2 -KZN218 
Rondevlei Pass WC217 
Silver River Pass WC217 
Cogmanskloof WC216 
Swartrivier Pass WC214 
Moordkuilrivier Pass WC212 
Heights Rd Wilderness WC208 
Hoekwil Pass WC205 
Phantom Pass WC205 
Whites Rd Wilderness WC204 
Hoogte Pass WC202 
Dagbreek Pass WC201 
Buffalo Pass EC198 
Van der Stel Pass WC198 
Kaaimansgat Pass WC197 
Groot Brak Hoogte Pass WC194 
Wolwedans Dam Rd WC193 
Ruigtevlei Pass WC190 
Ballots Bay Pass WC183 
Victoria Bay Pass WC181 
Kaaimans River Pass WC180 
Hessekwas Nek WC179 
Olof Bergh Pass WC179 
Voetpadhoogte Pass WC174 
Suikerbossie, Hout Bay172 
Victoria Road & 12 Apostles172 
Doringkraal Pass WC167 
Chapmans Peak Drive WC166 
Akkedisberg Pass WC160 
Nuwekloof Pass R46 WC157 
Sedgefield Mountain Rd WC148 
Smitswinkel Road WC146 
Blackhill Pass WC145 
Gouda-Nuwekloof 4x4 WC142 
Boyes Drive WC132 
Nieuwekloof Pass WC130 
Grootrivier Poort EC124 
Slangkop Pass WC119 
Clarence Drive WC105 
Potters Pass EC105 
Sandhoogte Road WC85 
Waterside Rd WC30 

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Roads global map

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